Friday, December 4, 2009

Meditation on Midpoint of Stay in S. Asia

It's December and I'm a little more than half-way through my stay of about 2 years in India. Just thinking of the things past and things to come. I've come a long ways in learning Kannada, reaching novice high and I'm working towards intermediate high. It's been an interesting experience working here and seeing the culture.
The latest festivals of India celebrated: Ramadan, Dipawali, and Children's Day (a natl holiday). No more major festivals, though probably several minor festivals, before New Years.
Also the one holiday which is most peculiar to America has past. Thanksgiving. This is the day Americans think about Providence, G-d's blessings, the (last) harvest feast before winter, Pilgrims and Indians (native Americans), freedom of the consciene, or at least Turkeyday, Family, and Football.
Just got back from a 4-day visit to Delhi and Agra. Thinking ahead to Christmas and New Years. Much work still to do. Library work, language work, and much else.
Well, I'm closing for now. My desire and wish is that G-d's grace, peace, and restoration come to peoples everywhere!


Lovez said...

Very interesting to see how the holidays and festivals differ. Do you have a TV over there, and do they play The Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Special and Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer Special?

Did different people put paint on your face, or did you do that yourself?

Paul L said...

do not presently own a TV, but I've seen TV's here. I don't think the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving or Christmas or the Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer Specials air at all. Thanksgiving is a quintessential American holiday. I don't think any other nation has that holiday. Christmas is a holiday of Christendom and is widely celebrated in countries with a Judeo-Xian heritage, often of European heritage as well but not always.
Other people put the paint on my face. It's usually done by catching you unawares or nearby a place of Holi paint colorings (which means you put yourself in the way of the paintings). It's all a part of the fun of Holi, which occurs in March. Btw, two hues are _not_ used on Holi, and that is black and white. All other colors are fair game!