Monday, November 17, 2008

House Churches and the West

I participated in an small group worship service tonight that reminded me a lot of some prayer group meetings with Richard Trapnell, Blain Burgess, Pauline Albright & Co. and beach retreat singing and praying. Small group worship services as house church or cell group has become the norm of worship, Bible reading, prayer when we gather here at the ILC, although we also do larger gatherings for worship and Bible preaching.
I'm thinking that God has been preparing me for work in India with accountability groups, prayer meetings, discipleship, Bible studies and all. I'm beginning to wonder if American church-goers have really gotten too comfortable being in a church building and as members of a local church body. Have we in the church by and large forgotten what church community life is supposed to be like and forgotten how to share the gospel with others and make disciples?


Lovez said...

I'm glad you are able to worship with believers, and we do miss your presence here. I appreciate the sacrifices you are giving up to go out and evangelize and disciple to the world. You are in our prayers, friend.

Paul L said...

Thanks! I very much covet and need your prayers!!

plasmoidia said...

I think as a large whole you are correct in your assessment. To many (most?) Americans, church is just something they go to. A social club nothing really more.

Even closer to home, I think the largeness of Whitesburg makes it easy to fall into that sort of mentality. You have to really get into and involved with the small groups to keep out of that.

It's in the small groups where it is really personal. You're not just another face in the crowd; you cannot hide. It's close and intimate and real.

I'm reminded of a query I heard once: Would you rather be the pastor of a small church where everyone was wholly committed to Christ, or of a large church where a large percentage were committed, but the rest were not?